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Welcome to Aspen Grove Veterinary Care!

Here at Aspen Grove’s Fort Collins animal hospital, we believe in communication, compassion, and integrity. We understand that breed, genetics, lifestyle, and budget are all factors in choosing a plan of care. We promise that no matter how extensive a treatment plan you choose, you can always count on the team at Aspen Grove to respect your decisions and care for your pet as much as you do.

10 Most Googled Dog Questions

When a question pops into our mind we all do the same thing; we Google it! Google has recently released the ten most searched questions about dogs. So, instead of leaving the answers up to Dr. Google, here are the answers to your questions from the veterinary experts at Aspen Grove Veterinary Care. While Google is a great tool to assist with research, pet owners should be cautious about believing everything they read on the web. A licensed veterinarian is a pet owner’s best resource for any question relating to their four-legged family members. Here at Aspen Grove Veterinary Care we are happy […]

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